St. Eloyen Gasthuis

Boterstraat 22 - Utrecht - The Netherlands

  Between the Dom tower and the Mariaplaats in Utrecht in The Netherlands you will find an unique house that bears the name: St. Eloyen Gasthuis (St. Eloy's Hospice). The house has been occupied by the Smedengilde (guild of smiths) since 1440. According to documents preserved the guild exists since 1304, but most probably is even much older. The house can be visited free of charge on the second saturday of September. The fraternity is private nowadays.    
Servant opens the door (from 1644)
of the St. Eloyen Gasthuis
    On this website you will find a lot of information about the House and the Guild of St. Eligius. Unfortunately the information is still partly in dutch. In case you still have questions, please contact us (click at Meer informatie for our address).    
'Opdat het al' moge strekken tot Heil en Welvaren van den Huize St. Eloy'
'May all this serve to the Wellfare and Prosperity of the House of St. Eloy'
Handelsbedrijf der Smeden
voorheen Utrechts' Smede Gildt St. Eloy A° 1304