St. Eloyen Gasthuis

Boterstraat 22 - Utrecht - The Netherlands


The members of the brotherhood not only play kolf. Some of them play schutjassen, an old card game also in the Netherlands almost only played in the St. Eloyen Gasthuis.

Schutjassen is played with four men (the society is only for men) and the game can be diversed by the possibility to terminate the game to claim the victory when a player expects to win, looking at his own cards and value the cards of his opponents (to terminate is schutten or schudden in old dutch).
The best trump card is the peasant, second the 9 (called nel in dutch), then the ace and following the normal sequence.


Each starting player asks his partner with an and mate?. The answer is he's home for only the peasant or soft for the nine or zowat for the ace. The peasant and one or more trump cards gives the answer go as you please. As soon as a player thinks he can make a hundred points or more, he may say ik schut het. If his opponents think they can block this, they say ik houd het (= I prefer to continue).

By hitting the hand on the table you can tell each other what the strength of your card next in strength is.

'May all this serve to the Wellfare and Prosperity of the House of Saint Eligius'